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Stainless Steel Exhausts

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Vehicle owners, including those with mobile homes, are increasingly recognising the benefits of having a custom fitted stainless steel exhaust.

A stainless steel exhaust will last for the lifetime of the vehicle, which as cars and motorhomes keep going for longer saves the expense of needing to replace the exhaust system every few years. It is also therefore a great selling point when the vehicle is sold.

Stainless steel exhausts also have significant green credentials as they will get rid of the vehicle’s exhaust gas more efficiently which means the engine has to work less hard thus reducing the amount of fuel used. Stainless exhausts look great as they have a brilliant shine and a polished finish which is easily maintained.

No wonder vehicle owners travel far and wide to come to Powells to have a custom made stainless steel exhaust made on-site. Indeed a number of customers have booked their stainless exhaust replacement to coincide with their holiday in Cornwall!

We have free courtesy cars and vans available, so customers can leave their vehicle with us and return on completion of the exhaust fabrication.

The stainless steel that is used is of superior quality, It is bent and flared with a special heavy duty machine, that allows the operator to accurately duplicate the shape and perspective of the original exhaust.

Powells Garage carry out custom stainless steel exhaust replacement on all types of vehicles, cars, vans, motorhomes, vintage vehicles, sports vehicles and even motorbikes.

All our exhausts are manufactured to the very highest standard and carry a lifetime guarantee.


For further information please call Powells exhaust expert Paul Richards on 01209 215 755 or pop into the garage.


Are your tyres ready for winter weather?

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With wintry weather forecast to hit Cornwall it is really important that your vehicle tyres are ready to cope with winter driving conditions.

Frosty and wet roads make for a different driving experience and it’s vital at this time of year that your tyres are in good enough shape to cope with those changing conditions.

In this article Paul Richards, the tyre expert at Powells garage in Redruth, brings you three top tips to help ensure you enjoy safe winter motoring.

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Low cost service plan and free MOT repairs

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The RAC MOT Check and Repair plan offers cover for up to £750 of repairs should your car fail its MOT. We are offering this plan free of charge to any customer who has a service carried out by us providing the car has done less than 100,000 miles and is less than 10 years old.

General Manager Richard Rowe said “According to RAC stats, over 60% of car owners have had a vehicle that has failed an MOT and in over 80% of cases the motorist was faced with a bill in excess of £100 in order for their vehicle to re-pass the MOT. This plan takes away the concerns and costs of repairs to get through an MOT.

And for the first time we are now able to offer a fixed priced service plan to our customers again in partnership with the RAC”. The plan gives Powells customers peace of mind knowing that for a modest monthly fee, which starts from £16.99, two years of servicing costs are covered.

Richard Rowe added “When it comes to motoring two of the greatest worries people have are the bills they face for servicing and for repairs if their vehicle fails its MOT. These RAC plans take away both those worries. We launched them a few weeks ago and not surprisingly a large number of our customers have already signed up for them”.

For further information please call Richard at Powells Garage on 01209 215 755.